Sentence Examples

  • The result of this evolution is that Belgium is to-day the most staunchly Catholic land north of the Alps.
  • The pope, naturally on the side of order, staunchly supported this regenerator of the realm, and in his own brother Coloman, who administered the district of the Drave, Bela also found a loyal and intelligent co-operator.
  • Electoral dignity from the Calvinistic elector of the Palatinate to the staunchly Catholic Maximilian of Bavaria.
  • Some of these reforms were distasteful to the covenanted service and to the officers of the army, but Lord William was always staunchly supported by the court of directors and by the Whig ministry at home.
  • During the Hellenistic age Megalopolis stood staunchly by Macedonia; the rest of Arcadia rebelled against Antipater (330, 323) and Antigonus Gonatas (266).