Sentence Examples

  • Whether you sit back and play main office politics with trades and contract negotiations or you get your hands dirty by controlling each aspect of the four quarters, then you will want the updated stats and ratings and player changes.
  • Other ASP.NET hosting features include a multitude of free ASP.NET components, web stats, an impressive email system with AJAX enabled webmail, auto responders and forwarding, and free email components.
  • With a GF equipped you can junction spells onto your character's stats, thereby increasing your strength, speed, luck, etc. The higher number of those spells you have, the more that stat is increased.
  • This is because every crop that you grow has an entire list of statistics that go along with it, and keeping track of those stats can be overwhelming for players who reach higher Farm Town levels.
  • Personal Information - The personal information included in the report identifies who you are with key identification stats like your name, address, birth date, and Social Insurance Number (SIN).