Sentence Examples

  • The four kinds of police most commonly seen in Italy include: Polizia di Stato (State or Nationale Police), Carabinieri (military police), Guardia Di Finanza (fiscal police), Polizia (city police) along with the local constable.
  • The works of this period are Les Philosophes Salaries, Machiavel juge des revolutions de notre temps (1849), La Federazione repubblicana (1851), La Filosofia della rivoluzione (1851), L' Italia dopo it colpo di Stato (1852), Histoire des revolutions, ou Guelfes et Gibelins (1858; Italian trans., 1871-1873).
  • Ann, Chitinous annulus, containing air cavities which enable the stato blast to float.
  • He also wrote his chief historical work, Lo Stato Romano dal 1815 al 1850, in four volumes (Turin, r850).
  • 112 to the emperor Trajan, about the Christians of Bithynia, attests that on a fixed day, stato die (no doubt Sunday), they met before dawn and recited antiphonally a hymn " to Christ as to a god."

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