Sentence Examples

  • You could add an Art Deco stained-glass window in a Victorian bathroom and show you were conscious of the latest design style without having to spend the money for a complete remodeling of your bathroom.
  • Decorate your jars by painting, gluing on a wide ribbon, decoupaging tissue paper in a stained-glass manner, or any other way you want.
  • Chartres is home to a fascinating stained-glass workshop and museum as well as a prehistoric science museum.
  • Among its ancient buildings must be mentioned the Reinoldikirche, with fine stained-glass windows, the Marienkirche, the nave of which dates from the I Ith century, the Petrikirche, with a curious altar, and the Dominican church, with beautiful cloisters.
  • The law in regard to images, which in this connexion include pictures and stained-glass windows, but not sculptured effigies on monuments or merely ornamental work, is contained in various judicial decisions, and is not defined by statute.