Sentence Examples

  • Next to making sure that you've evaluated your project well and know what you're getting into, the most important thing you can do to avoid problems is confirm that your opening is spot-on before you install the door frames.
  • Tunic tops are enjoying a revival with the current Boho-chic style, so whether you are heading to work or just running errands, pair an embroidered tunic with slim-cut jeans or jeggings for a spot-on "Bohonista" look.
  • You don't have to be a Star Trek fan to enjoy Galaxy Quest, but it helps, because the parallels are everywhere, right down to Tim Allen's spot-on renditions of William Shatner's acting tics.
  • Proving he was more than just a funny guy, Jamie Foxx earned the Best Actor Oscar in 2004 for his spot-on portrayal of legendary songwriter and singer Ray Charles in the box office hit Ray.
  • The ones I created My lesson from that experience is that as much as I loved the series, I could never know enough to do a spot-on job of all the characters, which was hard for me.