Sentence Examples

  • Among the first monopolies which were granted in 1882 was one for the manufacture of spirituous liquor.
  • Its important source lies in its formation by the "spirituous" or "alcoholic fermentation" of saccharine juices.
  • Revenue is raised by taxes on imports and exports, on licences for the sale of land and spirituous liquors, and for wood-cutting, by harbour and other dues, and a hut tax on natives.
  • Pure methyl alcohol is a colourless mobile liquid, boiling at 66°-67°, and having a specific gravity of 0 8142 at o° C. It has a burning taste, and generally a spirituous odour, but when absolutely pure it is said to be odourless.
  • He practised and pertinaciously advocated total abstinence from spirituous liquors, but did not regard prohibitory laws as always wise.