Sentence Examples

  • In rare cases the right and left preacetabular blades fuse with each other above the spinous processes.
  • In this family there is often a marked divergence between the sexes; the terminal antennal segments are larger in the male than in the female, and the males may carry large spinous processes on the head or prothorax, or both.
  • The oesophagus expands into a curious gizzard, which is armed internally with large horny processes, some broad and thick, others spinous, fitted to act as crushing instruments.
  • Their scales are generally rough and spinous; but otherwise they possess no strikingly distinguishing peculiarity, unless the loose skin of their throat, which is transversely folded and capable of inflation, be regarded as such.
  • - Similar to Encephalartos except in the presence of a spinous projection from the swollen distal end of the carpels.