Sentence Examples

  • From it rise double or triple ranges connected by cross-ridges and spined with outer spurs.
  • Noveboracensis, Three-Spined Stickleback.
  • The ten-spined stickleback (Gastrosteus pungitius) is so called from the number of spines usually composing its first dorsal fin, which, however, may be sometimes reduced to eight or nine or increased to eleven.
  • It is smaller than the three-spined species, rarely exceeding 2 in.
  • Of the three-clawed echidnas (Proechidna) confined to New Guinea there are two species, Bruijn's echidna (P. bruijnii), discovered in 1877 in the mountains on the north-east coast at an elevation of 350o ft., and the black-spined echidna (P. nigroaculeata) of larger size - the type specimen measuring 31 in., as against 24 in.