Sentence Examples

  • A relative newcomer, Shelbie Bruce was thrilled to earn a starring role in Spanglish, a bittersweet drama that explores the culture clash between the rich and the poor, as well as between a Mexican housekeeper and her American employers.
  • SB: The funniest moment for me as an actress was on the set of Spanglish, when after a long day of shooting the translating scene, Adam started singing the Star Spangled Banner and everyone joined in.
  • SB: The most difficult part of Spanglish was when I had to yell at my mother (actress Paz Vega), in the movie.
  • SB: My proudest moment was when I won the Imagen Award for Best Supporting Actress for Spanglish last summer.
  • Actress Shelbie Bruce of Spanglish has a bright future ahead of her, but she also holds tight to her roots.

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