Sentence Examples

  • The spam is becoming more insidious.
  • To protect yourself from identity theft, spam, or unwanted offers, consider using a free e-mail server instead of your regular e-mail address, and limit the amount of information you share with anyone offering something for free.
  • If you were to use software like Microsoft Outlook to handle your email needs, you would still need to be concerned with frequent updates, spam management, and investing in anti-virus software, which will also need frequent updates.
  • Make sure that the review will be an example of the goodwill shared in the blogosphere and not someone's attempt to make money by creating spam pages that show up when unsuspecting viewers are searching for quality content.
  • Finally, realize that some free job websites (free to employers) may also include spam, illegal programs and multi level marketing schemes; there is no guarantee the positions are all legitimate on these websites especially.