Sentence Examples

  • Throughout the month the garrison made repeated sorties, and the Germans were on several occasions forced by the long range fire of the fortress to evacuate villages which they had taken.
  • His "plan" for defending the city raised expectations doomed to disappointment; the successive sorties made under pressure of public opinion were unsuccessful, and having declared in one of his proclamations that the governor of Paris would never capitulate, when capitulation became inevitable he resigned the governorship of Paris on the 2 2nd of January 1871 to General Vinoy, retaining the presidency of the government until after the armistice in February.
  • The battle closed with the celebrated stand of Reginald of Boulogne, a revolted vassal of King Philip, who formed a ring of seven hundred Brabancon pikemen, and not only defied every attack of the French cavalry, but himself made repeated charges or sorties with his small force of knights.
  • From these advanced positions the Turks had delivered the first sorties above mentioned and to them they had retired under the pressure of the II.
  • 3 it soon became evident, from attempts at sorties and from increase of desertion, that the garrison was weakening, and it was decided to force home the attack.