Sentence Examples

  • - On the significance of the sophistical movement, see E.
  • The philosophies which are " redargued " are divided into three classes, the sophistical, of which the best example is Aristotle, who, according to Bacon, forces nature into his abstract schemata and thinks to explain by definitions; the empirical, which from few and limited experiments leaps at once to general conclusions; and the superstitious, which corrupts philosophy by the introduction of poetical and theological notions.
  • According to Suidas he was the author of (i) an Atticist, or On Attic Words, in two books; (2) TLOc,APWv vvvaywry17, a collection of subjects for discussion; (3) Eocino-n) rapao-KEvii, or Sophistical Equipment, in forty-seven (or seventy-four) books.
  • The science, falsely so called, of the several theological schools, their groundless distinctions and sophistical demonstrations, he regarded as the great source of heresy and scepticism.
  • His eloquence was of the vehement order; but it wins hearers and readers by the strength of its passion, the energy of its truth, the pregnancy and elegance of its expression, just as much as it repels them by its heat without light, its sophistical argumentaiions, and its elaborate hair-splittings.