Sentence Examples

  • When the servile Athenians, feigning to share the emperor's displeasure with the sophist, pulled down a statue which they had erected to him, Favorinus remarked that if only Socrates also had had a statue at Athens, he might have been spared the hemlock.
  • Carneades, practically a 5th-century sophist, is the most important of the ancient sceptics.
  • This work is imitated by the third Philostratus (or by some later sophist) of whose descriptions of pictures 17 remain.
  • The chief difficulty is the reference to a certain sophist, Dionysius, but this is probably an interpolation.
  • Another Aspasius, in the 3rd century A.D., was a Roman sophist and rhetorician, son or pupil of the rhetorician Demetrianus.