Somedeal Definition

1828, The Fair Maid of Perth, edition Large Print, Echo Library, ISBN 9781847023100, published 2006, page 270.
Curfew Street, and though we know he was somedeal hurt in that matter, we cannot see why he should not do homage in leal and duteous sort.
1917, George W. Gough, “Chapter V, the Ancient hHgh House”, in Julian Hawthorne editor, The Yeoman Adventurer, edition Reprint, Echo Library, ISBN 9781406833409, published 2005, page 27.
But it's a godsend at times for a lone woman when she's ugly enough to turn cream sour, and somedeal crooked o' the body into the bargain.

Origin of Somedeal

  • From Middle English somdel, sumdel (“somewhat, to an extent, in some measure; part, portion, a bit, small amount; in ~ this instance, this case”), equivalent to some +‎ deal.

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