Sentence Examples

  • The process of extraction with volatile solvents is similar to that used in the extraction of oils and fats, but as only the most highly purified solvents can be used, this process has not yet gained commercial importance.
  • The employment of guncotton as a propellant was possible only after the discovery that it could be gelatinized or made into a colloid by the action of so called solvents, e.g.
  • That nothing analogous to bitumen exists in coals is proved by the fact that the ordinary solvents for bituminous substances, such as bisulphide of carbon and benzol, have no effect upon them, as would be the case if they contained bitumen soluble in these re-agents.
  • Though his writings abound in universal solvents and other devices of the alchemists, he made some real contributions to chemical knowledge.
  • Certain solvents, such as water, liquid ammonia or liquid hydrocyanic acid, possess the power of making some solutes, such as mineral salts and acids, when dissolved in them, conductors of electricity.