Sentence Examples

  • Nipple chafing feels worse underneath specific t-shirts, particularly cotton shirts that haven't been treated with fabric softener and textured, synthetic t-shirts.
  • Anti-gas medication, special milk formulas, stool softener medicines, laxatives, and suppositories are all possible treatments that the doctor may recommend to ease the discomfort of gas in the bowels or constipation.
  • In addition to prevention of stretch marks, the butter is used for chapped skin and lips, as a skin softener and hydrator, and to minimize and fade scars and acne scars.
  • Often, the manufacturer applies a fabric softener coating to make the towels look fluffy, but the end result is that they are less absorbent until laundered.
  • Sodium is popular, but if you happen to be on a low-sodium diet, this kind of water softener may not be right for you: sodium does get into the water supply.