Sentence Examples

  • A one-piece snowsuit is good for ensuring that no snow and wind come up underneath a jacket that is separate from the pants, which is always a recipe for chilling your child, and possibly even getting wet.
  • Don't forget too that your toddler will probably only wear his snowsuit for one season, making the cost of one of the higher quality brands (between $75 to $200) a considerable expense.
  • For different activities, and for different families, one or the other type of snowsuit is ideal, but both types of toddler snowsuits get rave reviews from parents.
  • A one-piece snowsuit resembles a baby bunting in the sense that it has a body, with two arms and two legs attached to it.
  • Falling - Falling in the snow can hurt tremendously even when you're bundled up in your winter snowsuit.

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