Sentence Examples

  • Suffice, for there is no sufficient catchment area north of the snows to support it.
  • In June the waters of the Mekong, swollen by the rains and the melting of the Tibetan snows, rise to a height of 40 to 45 ft.
  • Occasionally, the whole country suffers much from drought; but disastrous floods not unfrequently occur, particularly in the spring, when the beds of the rivers are inadequate to contain the increased volume of water caused by the rapid melting of the snows on the Carpathians.
  • Swollen by the melting of the winter snows and by heavy rains in the mountains, it is frequently a torrent, and is thus, except in the last few miles, unnavigable for either boats or rafts.
  • It is traversed by several rivers, fed by the melting snows of the Andes and discharging into the swamps and lagoons in the S.E.