Sentence Examples

  • The very rare Nike Air Vince Carter VC3 Toronto, snazzy in white and purple, which was only sold in Toronto as an extremely limited edition is highly desirable, as are the retro-looking Nike Shox VC 5 shoes in blue, yellow and white.
  • Indulgent materials like snake skin are suddenly slithering onto everything from snazzy platforms to cute flats, rhinestones are all over the most glamorous gladiator sandals and even flip flops have taken a decidedly dressy turn.
  • If you search for red platform shoes on Shoe Buy, you'll get 24 styles to choose from, like the very 1940s-style "What's What" by Aerosole, a company that specializes in comfortable shoes that still look snazzy.
  • Sometimes, new fitness duds are a great motivator, so if a new T-shirt or snazzy Capris will inspire you to get moving, then buy a new exercise outfit for your next walk, run, aerobics routine or yoga class.
  • Timeless and distinguished at the same time, a vest can be paired with a tux for snazzy old world style or thrown together with a pair of cords and a crisp white shirt to celebrate the change of seasons.