Sentence Examples

  • The snakelike branches overhead were creepier when she could see them in daylight, and the few birds and insects she saw made her shudder.  The sense of being followed didn't leave even in the full light of day.
  • Lost in the food fantasy, she didn't see Gabriel disappear into the jungle.  Katie blinked and looked around, still uneasy with the snakelike branches that moved of their own volition overhead.  She didn't know what kind of creatures followed or what other critters would live in the Immortal jungle, but she wanted nothing to do with such a weird place.
  • Harrison (in Classical Review, January 1895) endeavours to show that Cecrops is the husband of Athene, identical with the snakelike Zeus Soter or Sosipolis, and the father of ErechtheusErichthonius.