Sentence Examples

  • If you feel up to the challenge, you might also think about adopting a spayed/neutered kitten from a shelter to provide Smokey with a new companion to further distract him from his old routine.
  • Smokey branch camouflage is another one that is often used for hunting because it helps the hunters blend in with their surroundings, successfully hiding from their prey.
  • You can find styles like urban tiger, digital, ultra violet, desert, retro, pink, blue, orange, woodland, stinger yellow, smokey branch, city camo, safariflage and more.
  • Lodging choices - You can choose between a stay in an area hotel or in one of the mountain cabins operated by Dollywood that offer views of the Smokey Mountain scenery.
  • Eye shadow: This is basically the same as above; wearable colors for day to day activities (like shades of bone and taupe), and darker shades for smokey looks.