Sentence Examples

  • No slouch to business himself, Mr. Raymond, a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, decided to open up his own lingerie store at the Stanford Shopping Center.
  • Hat - A gray slouch hat or cap was army issue but many of the Confederate soldiers preferred to wear a broad-brimmed felt hat that protected them from the sun and rain.
  • Many new cyclists are tempted to slouch or rest their upper body weight against the handlebars, but this prevents you from getting the best workout possible.
  • When I saw this movie in a theater, the audience cracked up simply at the sight of Allen seating himself in the command chair, his take on Shatner's 'command slouch' was just that good.
  • Just as there is a wide variety of applications available for the Apple iPhone, BlackBerry, and Google Android platforms, Windows Mobile is no slouch in this department as well.