Sentence Examples

  • The monokini might have been disregarded for decades after its initial launch, but it has clearly been revived in ultra sexy swimsuit designs like the sling and the slingshot suspender bikini.
  • The times were about to make an abrupt change, but there was still one more surprise to be wretched from an already over stretched (if you'll pardon the pun) Spandex industry: slingshot swimsuits.
  • Body Body has a large selection of slingshot thongs, and features a more risqué version of the criss-cross; it gives you a nearly completely bare back and is cut narrower across the front.
  • Sheer Slingshot: As you might imagine from the moniker, this swimsuit carries the same sling style, but it's made even sexier because it's completely sheer and thereby see-through.
  • Also referred to as "pretzels" because you can choose to wear the top of the suit criss-crossed, slingshot bikinis use minimal fabric and strategic tension to keep them in place.