Sentence Examples

  • In bright yellow, the slicker kept us dry as kids, keeps the police dry as they direct traffic and provides protection for the fisherman at sea.
  • Candice City Slicker Hobo: This is a beautifully shaped hobo handbag that's made all the more desirable for its rain-slicker type material.
  • Each one is easy to maintain at home with minimal grooming supplies including a quality dog clipper with blades, blunt-tipped grooming scissors, gentle dog grooming products, a slicker brush, bristle brush and fine tooth metal comb.
  • Lubricate: Although a quick shave can be done with just warm water and softened skin, using a shaving foam or lubricant will ensure better results and a slicker glide.
  • In 1977, the most popular raincoat design was a button-down or zippered yellow slicker, and if kids were lucky, their particular coat included two side pockets.