Sentence Examples

  • That is exactly what they do, too - simply by compressing select areas of the body with strategically placed control panels, shapewear has the ability to minimize full hips, flatten a round belly and slenderize large thighs.
  • Exotic prints and patterns will call attention to a beautiful bustline as well as help to slenderize your waist (especially if you choose tops that are light on top and darker on bottom).
  • They not only help slenderize the thighs and stomach, but the elasticized material from which they are made can improve blood flow and reduce swelling in the legs.
  • Just as there are plenty of recommended styles that help minimize or slenderize a full face, there are also cuts that should be avoided.
  • Today's plus size women can find baby dolls made from light chiffons, sensual satins, and fabrics that stretch and slenderize.