Sentence Examples

  • The kurta is a sort of sleeveless shirt, open in front and reaching to the waist.
  • Variation, such as it was, consisted of a sleeveless dress covering From Hilprecht's Explorations in Bible Lands, by permission of A.
  • About the same period, too, arose the custom of making the rochet sleeveless and attaching the "lawn sleeves" to the chimere.
  • Yes, it was a woman's shape, her body clad in dark breeches and boots, her sleeveless tunic held in place beneath a leather belt.
  • The typical fighting costume of the Malay is a sleeveless jacket with texts from the Koran written upon it, short tight drawers reaching to the middle of the thigh, and the sarong is then bound tightly around the waist, leaving the hilt of the dagger worn in the girdle exposed to view.