Sentence Examples

  • To make the costume look like a woodland fairy, sew small artificial leaves and flowers to the wings, leotard and tu tu.
  • The nine-year old has comment that Madonna's gyrating dance in a leotard was "disgusting", and she has also voiced concerns that her mother may be gay after seeing the diva kiss Britney Spears during her concert.
  • Body suits: Resembling a leotard, full body suits provide bottom coverage similar to briefs and are a good choice for squads that want a seamless look, with no exposure of the midriff.
  • While many women today wouldn't be caught dead strutting an aerobics leotard around town, the '80s were big on making ultra casual a cool fad.
  • There is no need for ballet shoes or a leotard; a skirt is easy to make and is instantly recognizable as making the toy into a 'ballet' toy.