Sentence Examples

  • Lion skins belong to the emperor, but the slayer keeps a strip to decorate his shield.
  • It is an amalgamation of the myth tof Beowa, the slayer of the water-demon and the dragon, with the historical legend of Beowulf, nephew and successor of Hygelac (Chochilaicus), king of the Geatas, who was defeated and slain (c. 520) while ravaging the Frisian coast.
  • As Such she appears in Homer and Hesiod and in post-Homeric legend as the slayer of the Gorgon and taking part in the battle of the giants.
  • The Homeric epithet 'ApyEtybO rqs, which the Greeks interpreted as "the slayer of Argus," inventing a myth to account for Argus, is explained as originally an epithet of the wind (apyEO-Tris), which clears away the mists (apyos, q5aivco).
  • His good fortune, however, does not forsake him; he lands in Ireland just as a fierce dragon is devastating the country, and the king has promised the hand of the princess to the slayer of the monster.