Sentence Examples

  • And when I say loosely, I mean the rope has so much slack on it, you wished Christian Slater, Tara Reid and Stephen Dorff were hanging on it and falling into a pit of 'I should have passed on this project' hell.
  • Bernstein also famously conducted an orchestra made up of music students at the festival for the world premier of the opera Peter Grimes, composed by Benjamin Britten with libretto by Montagu Slater.
  • The daytime wedding of two lesbians generated a lot of controversy, but for Bianca, her fairy tale wedding quickly led to anguish as she learned of Reese's infidelity with brother-in-law Zach Slater.
  • The shops are still run by the Slater family, and many of the traditions set by Ralph Slater have been kept up, such as a line of traditional Highland wear such as kilts and sporrans.
  • Dennis later started seeing Zoe Slater, but his relationship with her was no match for the feelings he had with Sharon and the two soon started up their passionate affair again.