Sentence Examples

  • The latter stream at Pawtucket has a fall of about 50 ft., and the Pawtuxet river also has a number of falls along its course.
  • The prohibition of the exportation from England of machinery, models or drawings retarded mechanical improvement, but in 1790 an industrial company was formed at Providence to carry on cotton spinning, and in December of that year there was established at Pawtucket a factory equipped with Arkwright machines constructed by Samuel Slater.
  • The cities of the state, with population in 1900, 3 are Providence, 175,597; Pawtucket, 39, 2 3 1; Woonsocket, 28,204; Newport, 22,034; and Central Falls, 18,167.
  • When the last Federal census was taken in 1910, Providence, Pawtucket, Woonsocket and Newport, with a combined population of 341,222, had four senators, whereas the remainder of the state, with a population of 201,452, had thirty-four.
  • Slater at Pawtucket, Rhode Island in 1790.

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