Sentence Examples

  • Learning how to install insulation can help seal your home against air leaks, drafts and other problems that can cause your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket and affect the overall comfort level in your home.
  • As long as there are video games that skyrocket to success (cough, Halo, cough), there will be Hollywood big-wigs buying up the rights in order to screw things up and disappoint moviegoers.
  • Early in his career, Dane Cook took the leap from comedian to actor -- a gutsy move that helped skyrocket the livelihoods of fellow comedians Ray Romano, George Lopez and Denis Leary.
  • That's because the prices are already pretty high, and when you couple that fact with all of the potential add-ons, like makeup cases and the like, the costs can quickly skyrocket!
  • As the holidays where fireworks are traditionally used approaches, prices will skyrocket courtesy of a dramatic rise in demand and an accompanying decrease in supply.