Sentence Examples

  • The theory of compound singularities will be referred to farther on.
  • The most simple case is when three double points come into coincidence, thereby giving rise to a triple point; and a somewhat more complicated one is when we have a cusp of the second kind, or node-cusp arising from the coincidence of a node, a cusp, an inflection, and a double tangent, as shown in the annexed figure, which represents the singularities as on the point of coalescing.
  • Birds, p. 353), the avifauna of Madagascar is not entirely composed of such singularities as these.
  • There are other infinite singularities of detail; but the above are more than sufficient to establish the point.
  • For example, in the curve for gold-aluminium, ignoring minor singularities, we find two intermediate summits, one at the percentage Au 2 A1, and another at the percentage AuAl 2.