Sentence Examples

  • Climbers could be seen in pairs, groups and singles, some nearly beneath them.
  • All seven hits were singles and all were in routs, usually by the other side.
  • Of four genera which Hooker singles out as the largest in Sikkim, in China Corydalis has 76 species, Saxifraga 58, Pedicularis 129, and Primula 77.
  • This second writer singles out three of the Maccabean priest kings for attack, the first of whom he charges with every abomination; the people itself, he declares, is apostate, and chastisement will follow speedily - the temple will be laid waste, the nation carried afresh into captivity, whence, on their repentance, God will restore them again to their own land, where they shall enjoy the blessedness of God's presence and be ruled by a Messiah sprung from Judah.
  • The latter singles out the version of the pseudo-Aristotelian IIEpi Kbvµov as a model of excellence in translation.