Sentence Examples

  • By shortening and simplifying the questions, I really render them much more complete.
  • Combebiac's tri-quaternion may be regarded from many simplifying points of view.
  • The Lutherans interpreted this to mean the right to frame ecclesiastical regulations for various principalities and to make changes in public worship. Luther busied himself in simplifying the service, in giving advice, - anxiously sought for, about the best modes of organising ecclesiastical affairs.
  • The subject is dealt with in Electrolysis and Electric conduction: § dealt with the relations between the properties of an ideally dilute solution, we now turn to the consideration of the general case where the simplifying assumption of great dilution is not made.
  • The advantage of this combination is that, by simplifying the conditions with which the composition of the pig iron has to comply, it makes the management of the blast furnace easier, and thus lessens the danger of making " misfit " pig iron, i.e.