Sentence Examples

  • The premise was simple, and maybe even overly simplistic - a space vehicle carrying a family (the Robinsons) that were going to start a space colony 'in Alpha Centauri' was sabotaged by the stowaway Dr. Smith, and thrown off course.
  • With an array of colors that blend easily, have a gorgeous shimmer and last for hours on end, these loose eye shadows are perfect for creating simplistic daytime looks or bold and dramatic eye looks for formal evening wear.
  • The theories on why we dream range from concepts that dreams are the results of our subconscious thoughts to the more simplistic concepts that dreams are simply random "noise" in the brain's neurons.
  • There are many masters and practitioners of classic and traditional forms of feng shui that are in disagreement with the simplistic approach to feng shui that is set forth by the Black Hat Sect.
  • They replaced the complex stylings of the man I call… well, the Man, with the overly simplistic, hauntingly annoying jazz that you'd expect to find in the elevator of a cheap pornographic flick.