Sentence Examples

  • Another Brazilian historian of recognized merit is Joao Manoel Pereira da Silva, whose historical writings cover the first years of the empire, from its foundation to 1840.
  • The successful issue of the recent revolution of the English colonies in North America had filled the minds of some of the more educated youth of that province; and in imitation, a project to throw off the Portuguese yoke was formed, - a cavalry officer, Silva Xavier, nicknamed Tiradentes (tooth-drawer), being the chief conspirator.
  • Pereira da Silva, Varoes illustres do Brazil (2 vols., Paris,1888); Historia da fundacao do imperio brazileiro (Rio de Janeiro, 1877); Segundo Periodo do reinado de D.
  • Da Rocha Pitta, Historia da America Portugueza (Lisbon, 1730); C. da Silva, L'Oyapock et l'Amazone (2 vols., Paris, 1861); R.
  • ANTONIO JOSE DA SILVA Portuguese dramatist, known as "the Jew," was born at Rio de Janeiro, but came to Portugal at the age of eight.