Sentence Examples

  • The areas of certification include: Project Management, Six Sigma, Contract Management, IS Security, Business Analysis, Software Testing, Human Resources, ROI Methodology and Leadership.
  • If a pledge accepts a bid from Delta Sigma Theta, then she will begin to learn about the rich history and traditions of this organization.
  • "He's Not Your Brother" goes through the colors and nicknames of several of the fraternities, warning the sisters against getting involved with the "wrong" fraternity (Phi Beta Sigma is the fraternity associated with Zeta Phi Beta).
  • Becoming a member of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority means entering into a sisterhood that celebrates its history and tradition through service, social awareness, and of course a litany of Delta chants.
  • If you have a graduate degree or MBA, you can work for Target in one of the following fields: Merchandising/Buying/Planning, Sourcing,, Finance/Accounting, Six Sigma, or Strategy.