Sentence Examples

  • For persons with a ganglion growth beyond the sigmoid segment of the colon, the inheritance pattern is autosomal dominant with reduced penetrance (risk closer to 50 percent).
  • Volvulus of the large bowel is rare in infants and children; when it does occur it is usually in the sigmoid (sigmoid volvulus) in the lower colon.
  • The sigmoid colon is the area of the intestine just above the rectum; linking the descending colon with the rectum.
  • Sigmoid colon-The final portion of the large intestine that empties into the rectum.
  • Man differs from them in the absence of a hairy coat; in the development of a large lobule to the external ear; in his fully erect attitude; in his flattened foot with the non-opposable great toe; in the straight limb-bones; in the wider pelvis; in the marked sigmoid flexure of his spine; in the perfection of the muscular movements of the arm; in the delicacy of hand; in the smallness of the canine teeth and other dental peculiarities; in the development of a chin; and in the small size of his jaws compared to the relatively great size of the cranium.