Sentence Examples

  • In such cases the immediate damage done may be slight; but the effects of prolonged action and the summation of numerous attacks at numerous points are often enormotis, certain of these leafdiseases costing millions sterling annually to some planting and agricultural communities.
  • The sign of summation X is used in cases where there are several absorption bands, and consequently several similar terms on the right-hand side, each with a different value of A m.
  • GP2), (20) provided the summation ~ on the left hand be understood to include each pair of particles once only.
  • The total impulse in any finite interval of time is the integral of the impulses corresponding to the infinitesimal elements 3t into which the interval may be subdivided; the summation of which the integral is the limit is of course to be understood in the vectorial sense.
  • In this case the work done by the internal forces will be represented by ~fRpqdrpq, when the summation includes every pair of particles, and each integral is to be taken between the proper limits.