Sentence Examples

  • While many scientists shrug off these stories as unproven or made up, other scientists are considering the possibility that science might not fully understand the phenomenon of out-of-body travel.
  • It's easy to shrug off the importance of your beach towel choice, chucking form in deference to function, but your towel gives you the opportunity to advertise who you are in a punchy way.
  • CN XI: This nerve is usually examined by asking the patient to shrug shoulders (testing a muscle called the trapezius) and rotating the head to each side (testing a muscle called the sternocleidomastoid).
  • Sexy Army Nurse: Featuring a gartered apron skirt and push-up bra top in camouflage, a headpiece, tie, stethoscope and shrug, all you need are some red stockings and dog tags to please the boys.
  • Complete your look with essential accessories, like some leggings or leg warmers to protect leg muscles during warm-ups, and remember to add a sweater shrug for those bare shoulders.