Sentence Examples

  • Coarse fabrics chiefly are manufactured, but the product also comprises percales, fine calicoes, ginghams, shirtings, towelings, sheetings and other kinds of goods.
  • Grey and white shirtings are exported to all the principal Eastern markets and also to Near Eastern, European, South American, &c. markets.
  • The principal China market for shirtings and other staple goods is Shanghai, which holds a large stock and distributes to minor markets.
  • The leading manufactures are ginghams, tweeds and shirtings, and the town is also an important agricultural centre, stock sales taking place at regular intervals and cattle and horse fairs being held every year.
  • The principal articles of import are shirtings, drills, jeans and twills, opium, woollens, steel, lead, needles, J apanese sea-weed and sugar; and of export, wool, skins, beans and pease, straw braid, coal, dates, tobacco and rhubarb.

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