Sentence Examples

  • Many people consider hiring a professional for hanging sheetrock as well as doing the sheetrock taping, mudding and painting, but by hanging your own sheetrock you could save a fortune off the labor costs of your project.
  • Using your drill with the screwdriver bit, drive the first sheetrock screw at the center of the sheet, and then continue driving the screws every six inches toward the edge of the sheet.
  • If you can't fit an entire sheet of sheetrock on the last row, it will be less noticeable at the bottom of the room where it is more likely to be hidden by furniture.
  • Using your dimensions, draw the opening onto your sheetrock and then drill a hole larger than the width of your jigsaw blade at one corner of the opening.
  • Take care of all wall work before you start hanging sheetrock, and make sure that you understand your local building codes if you're doing your own work.