Sentence Examples

  • There are specialty drywall preparations and configurations that are available if you need them, including longer and wider sheets, and water resistant backboard that's usually sold as a smaller panel and used as a backing for tile.
  • Since this type of loose fill is much denser and therefore heavier than fiber glass or slag and wool, it sometimes may not be able to be used in attics since too much weight would cause the drywall ceiling below to sag.
  • With just a few 2 x 4s, some drywall, spackle, paint and a closet door, you can turn your home from a two bedroom and a den into a three bedroom house, instantly increasing your home's value over the course of a day.
  • Federal laboratories in California are analyzing the amount of pollution being generated by the drywall and trying to determine the long term effects to members of the household as well the house and appliances.
  • Federal investigations by the CPSC, legal action underway and claims decisions by insurance companies can all play a role in how homeowners will -or will not- be compensated for their Chinese drywall problems.

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