Sentence Examples

  • Shaw, in America, independently of Joly, has interpreted the quaternion as a point-symbol.
  • Shaw, Mickel de l'Hospital and his Policy (London, 1905); and Eugene and Emile Haag, La France protestante (2nd ed., 1877 seq.).
  • Robert Barkley Shaw and George Hayward were the European pioneers of geography into the central dominion of Kashgar, arriving at Yarkand within a few weeks of each other in 1868.
  • Shaw subsequently accompanied Forsyth's mission in 1870, when Henry Trotter made the first maps of Chinese Turkestan.
  • Thus the prominent school of criticism which appraised Wagner in the 10th century by his approximation to Darwin and Herbert Spencer, appraises him in the aoth by his approximation to Bernard Shaw; with the absurd result that Gatterdammerung is ruled out as a reactionary failure.