Sentence Examples

  • The Ahoms, together with the Shans of Burma and Eastern China and the Siamese, were members of the Tai race.
  • It is known that to the TibetoChinese modifications of the pure Mongolian type all the eastern Burmese tribes - Chins, Kachins, Shans, &c. - belong (as indeed do the Burmese themselves), and that a cognate race occupies the Himalaya to the eastern limits of Kashmir.
  • This Thai family includes the Shans proper, and the Siamese.
  • Colquhoun, Amongst the Shans (1885); Lord Lamington, Proc. R.G.S.
  • The chief races of Burma are Burmese (6,508,682), Arakanese (405,143), Karens (717,859), Shans (787,087), Chins (179,292), Kachins (64,405) and Talaings (321,898); but these totals do not include the Shan States and Chin hills.

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