Sentence Examples

  • KAZALA, or Kazalinsk, a fort and town in the Russian province of Syr-darya in West Turkestan, at the point where the Kazala River falls into the Syr-darya, about 50 m.
  • Notwithstanding the salt springs of Ferghana and Syr-darya, the salt lakes of the region, and the rock-salt strata of the Alexander Mountains, salt is imported.
  • The only other province containing any considerable number of Russians is Syr-darya, where there are about 10,000 settlers (less than 1% of the population).
  • It rises abruptly from the desert and lifts its snowy peaks to altitudes of 15,000-16,000 ft., separating the river Syr-darya from the river Zarafshan.
  • The Ferghana Mountains, which are cleft by the Naryn (upper Syr-darya) river, have a mean altitude of 10,000 ft., but attain elevations of 12,740 ft.

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