Sentence Examples

  • While the shah and the king were talking, two countrymen came in.
  • The quadrangle is larger than that of Shah Abbas; and at the eastern side is an immense blue dome, out of which quantities of grass were growing, the place being too sacred to be disturbed.
  • " college of two doors," built in 1439 by Shah Rukh, and some fine caravanserais, two dating from 1680.
  • These probably date from the 17th century, for Chardin tells us that the windows of the tomb of Shah Abbas II.
  • The Mahrattas at this time had got possession of the person of the Mogul emperor, Shah Alam, from whom Clive obtained the grant of Bengal in 1765, and to whom he assigned in return the districts of Allahabad and Kora and a tribute of 30o,000.