Sentence Examples

  • The "master of the law," as his biographers call him, plunged alone into the terrible desert of the Gobi, then known as the Sha-mo or "Sand River," between Kwa-chow and Igu (now Hami or Kamil).
  • In addition to teak, which provides the bulk of the revenue, the most valuable woods are sha or cutch, india rubber, pyingado, or ironwood for railway sleepers, and padauk.
  • The chief dyeproduct of Burma is cutch, a brown dye obtained from the wood of the sha tree.
  • From such names it is only a step to names of one element, a characteristic feature of which is the frequent addition of an ending -turn (feminine), an, a, um, atum, atija, sha, &c., most of these being " hypocoristic affixes," corresponding in a measure to modern pet-names.
  • A state of equilibrium was established, only momentarily disturbed by Kuropatkin's offensive on the Sha-ho in October, and by the Sandepu incident in the winter, until at last Oyama fought a battle on a grand scale and won it.