Sentence Examples

  • If at any instant the direction of one of the crank-arms coincides with the line of connection, the common perpendicular of the line sf connection and the axis of that crank-arm vanishes, and the 3irectional relation of the motions becomes indeterminate.
  • Transferring this force to (From Balancing sf Engines, ~ the point 0 it is equivalent to, (1)
  • From Vines T sf-Book of Botany, by permission.)
  • Several halogen compounds of sulphur are known, the most stable of which is sulphur fluoride, SF 6, which was first prepared by H.
  • They counselled retreat, but having heard them all he replied, in substance: " If we leave here at all we may as well retire to Strassburg, for unless the enemy is held by the threat Sf further operations he will be free to strike at our communications and has a shorter distance to go.