Sentence Examples

  • Merrill Cooms was in his early seventies, a widow and the somewhat reclusive owner of a multitude of businesses.
  • He owned a shoe store at one time—back in the seventies, I think.
  • In the late seventies and early eighties scaling these challenging surfaces really caught on.
  • Clusters of sixties and seventies-style subdivisions had blossomed during the post-war era of rush to the 'burbs. These look-alikes that originally carried names like Camelot or South Pacific were at first scorned by Parkside's gentry but had slowly gained a level of respectability.
  • One of Sufug's widows had fled to her Tai kindred in Central Arabia with her youngest son Faris; but when he grew up she brought him back in the seventies, and he immediately attracted a great following.